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With partner Ruslan Zhiganshin , she is the Russian national champion. With former partner Nikita Katsalapov , she is a Olympic champion in the team event , a Olympic bronze medalist in ice dancing , a three-time European medalist silver in and ; bronze in , and the World Junior champion. Also along with former partner Nikita Katsalapov, she is the second-youngest Olympic Ice Dance medalist in history and the junior world record holder for the Original Dance. Her parents divorced when she was two years old. From around to , Ilinykh lived in Michigan with her grandmother and became fluent in English. Her mother adopted a two-year-old boy in around Early skating career As a child, Ilinykh trained in single skating , under Natalia Dubinskaya, until her mother decided she should try ice dancing. She was paired with Nikita Katsalapov , who had trained in the same singles group. Irina Lobacheva and Ilia Averbukh were the team’s first coaches.

The Ice Queens

What’s going on with WeaPo? They looked ready to go at High Performance Camp. Hope they aren’t injured!! From May to up until now has been such a rollercoaster.

Elena Ilinykh 和搭档曾是一对小情人。 最后由 Jun 编辑于 月 周四, am,总共编辑了 1 次 Wonderful things can happen when you sew the seeds of distrust in a garden of assholes.

In our hearts Ruslena will always be 1, no matter what the judges say. May the year that starts tomorrow give us lots of happy moments, love, health and an amazing comeback. Of course, it was hard to adapt again to our system, but I think we did the maximum we could. You always think that you can do a lot more than you have done. I think that to this point we come in the absolutely optimal fo The season started hard, totally different atmosphere, different athletes.

I think it was hard for us to get along there. We understood that nowhere we are loved like here! In our situation, this is a huge plus when people stand up for you, when they are ready to do absolutely everything. I think in our situation come back is the best thing that could happen to us.

Sochi Olympics

Noone has known what to expect from them. We haven’t seen them around nine months. Previous season was a tough one for them. For sure not such outcome they expected but it’s an experience to learn.

EM-Dritte Elena Ilinykh & Nikita Katsalapov (Eistanz) Die hübschen Eistänzer Elena Ilinykh & Nikita Katsalapov aus Russland haben soeben Bronze an der EM im englischen Sheffield gewonnen. Sie werden in ihrem Land als Favoriten für die Olympischen Spiele in Sotschi gehandelt.

Since my childhood I have been very active and restless. Probably, the decision to send me into the sport was correct. It happened quite accidentally. Sport has given me a lot. I was traveling, I saw a lot of countries, has got an interesting acquaintances. This rarely happens to ordinary children. I am very grateful to my fate for what I have.

I was very proud to win the Olympic Games. Not because you have earned it but because of how much you have done for this. The relationships between partners is very important in sport. Then word for word and we have a quarrel. I always try to smooth over the conflicts. We were like a family, like brother and sister, knew everything about each other. Now I continue to train actively for eight — nine hours a day.

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Friday, October 7, Interviewing a Dance Mom: There is something for everyone to form an opinion about. For those who have ever competed seriously in a sport, it is par for the course.

Николай Морозов и Елена Ильиных – Никита Кацалапов / Nikolai Morozov and Elena Ilinykh – Nikita Katsalapov | Танцы на льду – Произвольный танец / Ice Dance – Free Dance (Rostelecom Cup ).

Narumi Takahashi and Ryuichi Kihara of Japan: I liked the neon bubblegum pink with black midriff detail costume on Narumi and thought his sweater vest and tie look was appropriate for Ryuichi. Both were fun and delightful for sure. Evgenia Tarasova and Vladimir Morozov of Russia: I liked both of their looks and thought there were elements of sexiness and dark fabulousness to them.

I also think that the fact that both of them are pasty as all get out their skin color, his bright red hair , helped to accentuate the costumes even further. Ksenia Stolbova and Fedor Klimov of Russia:

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Figure Skating Pass. Don’t miss a single stop of the ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating – next up is the International de France! It’s all live, commercial-free and on-demand.

Her parents divorced when she was two years old. He organized tryouts with her and other skaters at around the same time before making a final decision. At their next event, Cup of Russia , they won the bronze medal, their first medal on the senior Grand Prix series. They finished seventh at the event. Following the end of the season, they ended their collaboration with Alexander Zhulin and Oleg Volkov to begin working with new coach Nikolai Morozov in May At NHK Trophy, they placed first in the short dance [18] but in the warm-up before the free dance Ilinykh crashed into the boards and injured her knee.

They won the silver medal at the Russian Championships. They won the bronze medal at the event and then performed with Art on Ice. They won silver at their first —13 Grand Prix event, the Rostelecom Cup. Ilinykh fell ill before the free dance due to food poisoning but went on to compete. They placed second in the segment and won the silver medal.

About Alexander Zhulin

Ice dancing was suggested to her at the age of 12 and she found that she enjoyed it, although she initially had no interest in dance. She also tried pair skating and took all the tests through to intermediate level. They won the pewter medal at the U. They began working with Igor Shpilband and Marina Zueva in

Mr. Takahashi will always be remembered as a great competitor that achieved so much for Japan but also as an artist. Just like many people still point John Curry ( olympic champion) as an artistic reference, Daisuke is a prime example of a very complete skater.

It isn’t that I think the US deserves two spots in pairs. BTW, I still don’t understand your last sentence. The way I remember what was explained at world’s was that after 16th? So the only reason placement counted at that point was when it came to the cut-off. Only then did it matter if your second team placed 16th or 20th. Since two extra teams have been added to the upcoming games, it seems obvious that there is nothing written in stone about the number of teams allowed to compete. Did I get something wrong?

There’s supposed to be 20 pairs teams at the Olympics but have have been added because of unusual circumstances. The last country who needed to use host entries was Norway in , but because their skaters didn’t meet national qualifying standards they didn’t send any figure skaters for the games. North Korea had earned a pairs spot but it was reallocated to Japan after the North Koreans failed to meet a deadline to confirm a it’s entry. The North Koreans blew up a South Korean airliner in as part of plan to undermine the hosting of the Olympics, which thankfully didn’t work.

But when the North Koreans made overtures to the South about competing the IOC and South Koreans jumped at the opportunity to negotiate places in the Olympics for the athletes. The IOC has the discretion to add entries to whatever events it wants and so we have 22 pairs teams.

Elena Ilinykh: Najarro ist “mein” Choreograf

I guess I’ll start with Adam and Jeremy. Not their best by far. I do love the fight that Jeremy had. Even though it wasn’t going just jingles he was fighting to hang on to everything.

エフゲーニヤ・タラソワ&ウラジミール・モロゾフ (Evgenia TARASOVA / Vladimir MOROZOV) エレーナ・イリニフ&ルスラン・ジガンシン (Elena ILINYKH / Ruslan ZHIGANSHIN).

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Two days after the bronze medal we got on the ice and started to prepare non stop for Worlds. Everything in a strict schedule: The fact that we won an olympic medal didn’t change our commitment to work.

ロシア選手権 基本情報. 開催日:年 12月22日 – 12月25日 開催地:ロシア・チェリャビンスク(Chelyabinsk)、Traktor Ice Arena 大会名:ロシアフィギュアスケート選手権大会 英名: Russian Figure Skating Championships.

The seasons of world champion Elizaveta Tuktamysheva and world bronze medalist Elena Radionova are probably over, with neither having ever made the Olympics, while first-year seniors like Alina Zagitova are making their case for gold. I watched the Olympics not knowing an axel from a salchow but just got so obsessed with it that I needed to know everything about figure skating.

I became completely invested in it when I decided to write about it for my senior thesis as a History major in college. I am ALL about stunts, drama, theatrics, artistry, etc. I always love the hot messes. I am a dedicated fan and photographer and love being part of figure skating events. I never travel without a camera and have thousands of pics from the events. Yuna Kim at Sochi in Tell us a little about your experiences with figure skating or as a fan. At least the top half of each event.

Mostly in one sitting.

Elena Ilinykh & Nikita Katsalapov [2013-2014 FD]