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Smart Boards

Here are five myths about technology in education: Educational technology is always a good investment by schools; we owe it to our kids to have a lot of technology in the classroom. There are proven benefits from technology: But, only if the students actually make use of the technology for that purpose.

A Promethean board is a type of “smart” white board that has a high level of interactivity. Images from your computer are be displayed on the board, and a set of digital pens and erasers allow you to digitally “draw” on the projected image.

The images from the computer will be displayed on the board by a digital projector. Smart Boards allow teachers to use interactive applications with their students. Teachers can make notes on the Smart Boards, highlight content, click through to various applications and also print out content to hand to the students. Turn on your computer and turn on the projector. Make sure all connections are secure. Your Smart Board will activate automatically.

Log onto Windows using the keyboard. If all connections are secured and you have logged in properly, the ready light will turn to green, indicating that the Smart Board is ready for use. The ready light is located near the bottom-right portion of the board. You must align or orient your Smart Board if you want it to work properly. The cursor will jump all around the board if you skip this important step.

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In many ways I enjoy the reflecting about a lesson just as much as I enjoy actually teaching the lesson! I like to reflect on what worked, what I learned, and how can I make it just a little bit better next time. Reflecting is my thing. I hope you have a way to keep your energy level high as the school year progresses. Day 2 So last week was all about the first day of a writing week in my 4th grade classroom with opinion writing.

Since the first week of each unit is devoted to introducing the genre, and the last week is the assessment that left me with four mini-lessons per genre.

How to Use a Promethean Board in the Classroom | Synonym. Hook up a promethean smart board Mountain Math and Language Online; a version that can be used on your Promethean or SmartBoard First up in the Math Menu series is the Daily Five equivalent of .

Let me preface this post by saying these are MY views, not the views of my administration, fellow teachers, or school system. And – I love my administrators. They are awesome people. Now, without further ado Natale, the teacher who wrote the article, I completely understand your frustrations. This is only my eighth year teaching, but I have been through similar situations. My students need an educator who sees all these crazy shifts in education but still stands as a rock for her students.

They need a rock in the storm. They need a shelter to help them weather all the winds of change that blow their way. And I honestly, truly, completely believe that God has created me to be that safe place.

Using an Elmo w/ My Promethean Board

The cold reaches of space The Parting Gift Three days had already passed on their transport to the next location, yet Darius still smarted from the newest set of orders they recieved. It was strange, in that the data packet did not include a target photo and information, only a set of coordinates that had already linked itself into the ship’s AI navigation. What was even more peculiar was that the data was more akin to a virus- locking the manual controls and darkening the control panels.

Apr 20,  · Mrs. Sanford then had the students transition to the Promethean Board where they reviewed, wrote, and repeated the defition of sequencing. They had to include a “hook” at the beginning and then write how their animal looks, where they live, what they eat, and any special adaptations they have. A previous librarian had come up.

Uncategorized Anil Sonune The following blog entry explains what a Wiimote Whiteboard is, what it does, and how to build one. The center of any 21stcentury classroom has to be the interactive whiteboard. But we all know the main problem. In , researcher Johnny Chung Lee made a 5-minute video that changed the face of the interactive whiteboard market. What Johnny had discovered was that the Wiimote — the remote control that accompanies the Wii video game console — contained hardware sophisticated enough to simulate an interactive whiteboard.

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At first I was frustrated that my lesson plan and timing did not seem to go the way I had planned but after a few days of self-reflection I began to realize that I could learn a lot of valuable lessons from my experience. Today I am happy to report that the lessons I learned from that experience were put into practice and I am happy to report that today’s class went very well.

The main problem with the class that I taught for my second observation was that 1 I tried to tackle too much material and was not able to slow down and just focus on teachable moments. The class had to fill in the blanks of the song as they listened.

Promethean board can you connect an iphone to board I want to connect an iphone to a promethean baord. i have the hdmi adaptor but at a loss to connect to board.

Here you will find a brief history of technology. Why methods in general are inaccurate.. Why KAr dating is inaccurate. While BP is also used generally as an Learn how scientists use a radioactive isotope called carbon14 to find out the answer! For many people, radiometric dating might be the one scientific technique that most blatantly seems to challenge the Bibles record of recent creation. The incredible history of ChauvetPont dArc: An age could be estimated by measuring the amount of carbon14 present in the sample and comparing this against an internationally used reference standard.

Radiocarbon dating is a technique used by scientists to learn the ages of biological specimens — for example, wooden archaeological artifacts or ancient human remains — from the distant past. Check here for important announcements and other Shroud of Turin Website news. This table provides sample identification, radiocarbon years Before Present B.

How does radiocarbon dating work? Hook Up Promethean Board How does radiocarbon dating work? How radiometric dating works in general. During the period of a plants life, the plant is taking in carbon dioxide through photosynthesis, which is how the plant makes energy and grows.


They are two shape-shifting imps who are minions of Hades and provide comic relief. Contents [ show ] Background Neither are very intelligent or especially loyal to him and serve Hades only because they fear him and possibly because he owns their souls. They appear to be immortal and capable of regeneration, but being demonic rather than godly, both are capable of feeling pain.

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Solved I have a set of two speakers with built-in amplifier and I want to hook it up to my new Samsung sound bar since I want to use solution Solved Headset plugged in, but sound still comes from.

Truth be told, they are not always assumed to be home parenting lessons nowadays. So we do what we do best That’s a lot of responsibility for all of us! We have learned as teachers that we cannot simply teach responsibility. It is a year-long process in our classroom. It’s an experience that ebbs and flows through our classroom each day, every week, all year long.

It is a marathon, not a sprint. As we look around at the end of each school year, we are amazed at how far they’ve come, how independent they now are, and how responsible they’ve proved they could really be just by being given a chance Loads of chances all year long!

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Hook Them with Life Stories! By January, they know you better than most of your coworkers. They know how to make you smile, laugh, and yell. Sure they may have met your spouse or children, but they are aware that they only know the school you and they are craving to know more. I have found that when I start a lesson with a personal story, they are hooked.

Hook it up to your iPad. There are great apps on the iPad that are perfect for the classroom. You can display these apps on your interactive whiteboard by connecting the iPad to a VGA adapter.

Not only did I get to see a group of children use it, but I got to use it, too. At first glance, the ActivTable looks like a giant iPad. However, it is so much more. The ActivTable is a collaboration tools where up to six users can interact at one time. There are build in activities that cover math, science, writing, social studies, reading, etc. A teacher can also create tailor made activities just for her students. There are built in tools like keyboards, calculators, web browsers, etc.

Each user can select what he needs. In the above activity kindergartners and first graders were sorting animals by their size. You can see the number of hands on the board. It will hold up to 60 touches at one time. So, it easily allows for interactive learning. One of my favorite activities was the sentence building activity. With the build in keyboard, the students could type words and sentences that automatically became word cards.

Promethean PRM Projector, HDMI from Laptop

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If you are using an interactive white board, this lets you use the screen capture and annotation tools of your white board software to work with the live image from the document camera. You can also directly capture images and video from the camera.

After working in my classroom a lot this summer I think it’s almost ready. I like to say it’s been blogified! This picture was taken standing at my door. If you look closely you can see the blue posters hanging from the ceiling. Jan Brady no, not from the Brady Bunch- ha! Each poster is attached to the blue foam board with velcro. The boards have wholes punched in the top. When I get ready to teach a word family I can easily pull down the poster I need, write on it with a Vis-a Vis Marker and hang it back up.

These stay hanging in the room all year. Here’s a better picture of the posters up close. You can see the rings a little bit in this picture. We attached the word family poster with velcro. My whole class- a view from my table.

Installing a Promethean ActivBoard in 80 seconds