The below guide is packed full of family days out, amazing experiences, iconic attractions, beautiful gardens, fantastic bars and restaurants, water activities, heritage and cultural activities, quirky things to do and lots more! In winter, see the trees lit up for an Enchanted Christmas. For the ultimate adrenaline adventure try their Leap of Faith with seven different challenges on offer. Visit the revamped Marine Lake in the charming, traditional seaside town of Clevedon. Take kids for an unforgettable day. Family-friendly Bristol Museum and Art Gallery houses world-class collections and dynamic exhibitions, this year including Pliosaur, an amazing dinosaur display.

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It had been nicely restored and was a good find. That little hole is for the threading hook which I have got…just forgot to put it back before I took the photo! A bargain considering it includes two hand carders plus the Lazy Kate and four bobbins. There was also the original user manual plus some other printed spinning literature. As soon as I got home I gave her a nice coating of my magic concoction and she came up a treat.

Abbeville – Abbeville Opera House – The Historical Abbeville Opera House is old enough to have a Negro balcony, which still balcony is completely cleared, save one chair, which is said to belong to the ghost of the house. Legend has it that one of the black patrons of .

Randall Krause 6 weeks ago Speaking as someone that was born and raised in the midwest U. Hope that clarifies a few points. Yep, I can see that destructive earthquakes of the type common in the USA, and other parts of the World and bricks don’t mix. So therefore, as you indicate, a very good reason to use timber rather than brick in earthquake zones. Although it may interest some to know that we do actually get earthquakes quite frequently in the UK, but they’re so deep in the earth’s crust that they never really do any damage.

In the UK we have earthquakes of magnitude 4 and above every couple of years, and magnitude 5 or above once every 8 years on average, but because they’re so deep in the earth’s crust they never really do any ‘structural damage’. It was a 4. I was in our home-office at the time a converted bedroom on the upper floor , and I certainly felt it. The whole room swayed, the office chair on casters which I was sitting on moved across the floor several inches, and objects on the office desk moved slightly, but no damage to the house itself which is all brick , not even a crack in the plaster.

The only other time we’ve felt an earthquake in Bristol was the one in North Wales miles away in , 5. It take much longer to get things done in the real world than on tv, turn the weeks into months and you will be closer in timeline. I just wanted to give you my perspective on timber vs brick and mortar. I grew up in LA and believe me you do not want bricks in an earthquake prone area. I think in America we build with a what works best for the weather and geography manner.

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If u have a special interest. Email or mention at time of booking. Early morning and evening are better for wildlife sightings. This guide and driver will stay with you for the 3 Day tour. Early picnic lunch stop at Rainbow Beach. Take time to relax, visit the local beach to swim overlooking coloured sands or wander through the local shops.

Malfuction Indicator Lamp – Ford Modifications Website. I think just the one, i can see under the bonnet at the end of the extractors there is like a sensor going in there, so im assuming thats what that is.

If u have a special interest. Email or mention at time of booking. Early mornning and evening are better for wildlife sightings. Only tour that offers a campfire of an evening! Free use of tents and sleeping bags! No buses on our tours!! Take the opportunity to photo Point Lighthouse and the coloured sand cliffs of Rainbow Beach. Break at Rainbow Beach to enjoy your freshly made picnic lunch.

All ferry tickets and national park fees are pre arranged to save time. As we cruise across the Straight, photo Tin Can Bay, Fraser Island’s west coast and Hervey Bay, and keep a look out for dolphins, turtles, dugong, sharks, eagles, sea birds and fish. Arrive Fraser Island world heritage National Park. Your local guide will give information and stories both old and new as you 4WD Fraser Island’s 75 Mile Surf Beach with an eye out for dingoes, kangaroos and whales in season.

Travel North on the beach highway before walking for a swim at Lake Wabby in the afternoon.

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About a year ago I bought a huge job lot of yarn on Ebay and included in the bag was quite a few balls of 5ply yarn in a light mocha colour Cleckheaton Machinewash 5ply Crepe , brown Patons Bluebell 5ply , red and blue. I decided to make another vest by using two strands of the 5ply yarn in the light mocha and brown. To add a bit of texture to the vest and for something different I K4, P4 and then alternated each row to give a basket weave effect.

I wore this vest to work last week and it fits like a dream and is soooo comfy!! I hope you had a great weekend.

RL Yacht Owner’s Register If you own or know an RL24, RL28, RL34 or Status not shown here, please add it to the register Register a new boat here.

RAG was created in mid as a representative body for Moreton Bay ratepayers and residents concerned about the rising costs of living following the amalgamation of Pine Rivers, Caboolture and Redcliffe councils. We ran a series of very well attended protest meetings throughout the Moreton Bay community during through on the subject of rising living costs and Unitywater in particular, and the outcome was strong support for RAG to conduct campaigns on behalf of the community for the disbandment of Unitywater, the de-amalgamation of Redcliffe from Moreton Bay Regional Council and the transfer of the Hills District to Brisbane City Council.

In relation to Unitywater, the Bligh government yielded to widespread community anger in south east Queensland by capping water prices and creating the opportunity for councils to re-assume control of their water businesses. Much to our disappointment, but not to our surprise, Moreton Bay council did not follow the lead of the Gold Coast and its sister councils in taking back its water business.

RAG is a foundation member of the Queensland Local Government Reform Alliance and was one of the two groups behind the formation of the Your Community First organization which fielded five candidates in the local government elections. We like many in the community took a keen interest in Op Belcarra and are disappointed that the inquiry through its process and timing seems to have let a lot of people off the hook, and that the proceedings really only served as a demonstration of what was wrong with the current electoral setup and what should be done to improve things for the future.

We commend the intended crackdown on political donations, and look forward to your government addressing the remaining 26 recommendations from the report, especially the tightening up of provisions regarding groups of candidates and candidates calling themselves independents. We also implore you to re-introduce the legislation covering the banning of political donations by developers and the creation of the councillor complaints tribunal submitted to the Parliament last year.

And throughout the Moreton Bay community, in Redcliffe and Bribie Island particularly, there prevails an ever present feeling that Moreton Bay council in being the 3rd largest council in Australia with over , residents is too big, too far flung, and too remote to properly service the people it represents. This year the conference will be open to the public and be attended by delegates from its wide network of affiliated ratepayer and residents groups right throughout Queensland.

As the minister responsible for the issues that will be discussed you are invited to attend, and if you are interested in attending please let me know asap so suitable arrangements can be made in terms of the agenda and publicity. Your comments in due course on the points I have raised would be appreciated.

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St Peter’s, Eaton Square. Eaton Square is one of three garden squares built by the Grosvenor family, and is named after Eaton Hall, Cheshire , the family’s principal seat. It is longer but less grand than Belgrave Square, and is an elongated rectangle.

A representation of the Magisters of the Tevinter Imperium who, according to the Chantry, brought about the First Blight by means of intruding upon the Golden City. These codex entries relate to books and can often be picked up from books and papers found lying around the world.

Tony held the author’s second fish for a photo. We had a perfect forecast for several days of light wind and low swell off Moreton Island, so the call was made to load up the electric reels and head wide. While I fish out of Scarborough, the end location is sometimes km away and it is worth mentioning when planning a wide run that the wind prediction for the area you want to fish may be different to that of your launch location.

Fuelled up and ready to roll, we dropped into the water and started to make our way across the bay at a good pace. I had left our run a little later than usual because it was a long weekend with perfect weather, and the amount of small boat traffic between Redcliffe and Bulwer on Moreton Island was the reason we waited for sunrise. Wearing a tinnie was not part of the plan. After an hour and a couple of legal fish we continued east on a perfect ocean. With a small swell and no chop the trip to the wide grounds was quite easy.

About 20 nautical miles east of Cape Moreton in m of water is where reef fishing ends and deep dropping starts. The first area was full of huge schools of bait that the blue marlin guys to the north of me would have liked to see. The bait was holding from the bottom m to about m. It was one of the biggest bait schools I have seen in that depth.

We drifted through half a dozen times for a couple of dogfish and nothing else so headed south along a soft ridge line I had driven over and marked on a previous trip. As we searched south we came across a 10m gradual rise that maintained that depth for a distance before dropping off.

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While car hire in Perth is a suitable option that can put you firmly in control, having a campervan that you can count on for both a place to stay and a way to get around can be a game changer. Exploring the incredible wine regions of the area, including those around the fertile ground of the Margaret River, or bouncing from sparkling beach to sparkling beach becomes that much easier with a motorhome.

And it puts you in prime position to go on a wicked road trip, whether you want to explore the southern part of WA or head up north to get swept off your feet in Broome. Check out some of the great things to see and places to go when you have a motorhome in Perth to call your own during your holiday.

Free online compensation advice, information and assistance available to all Queensland residents who have suffered from an injury.

Tuesday 24th February Alans Story I was up early and headed out to Outram Park again try to contact Sasha and Stefan and find out where they and if they were coming to meet us. We had not heard from Sasha for days: Stefan who knows when we are due to be in Singapore and has been offered to join us on our way to Australia. After returning to the room Sofia and Basty were still fast asleep, so I headed back out for a wander.

We found a Borders bookshop and then all bets are off, lots of time spent looking around and of course both of us bought some more reading materials, after a sit down in the Borders coffee shop, we then carried on shopping. Our intention was to go to Newtons Circus for the food at the Hawkers Centre, however we never did make it.

We had a snack there and some drinks, wow A Cider and a Beer, 23 Singapore dollars, I did not realize how expensive alcohol was in Singapore. The food at Muddy Murphys was brilliant, I had simply the best pizza ever, I love thin crust pizza but the stuff here is the finest crispiest pizza ever. Sofia had steak chunks and blue cheese sauce, she was equally smitten.

The bars have various themes and many have live music with the bands playing various types of music depending on the bar type.

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