How to Decode a Serial Number on an S&W

Nick Niles answers your burning shotgun questions. This time, a reader asks about Stevens letter prefixes on serial numbers. Once you locate the serial number, then you are able to do some research and find out a little history on your gun. Below you will find some visual examples of where to look for the serial number on your S W handgun. You can then use the serial number to find out the Smith Wesson date manufactured for your particular gun. Keep in mind that many Smith and Wesson guns produced before did not have a serial number stamped on them. These older guns will take a little more effort to find out their history.

Smith & Wesson Model 27 Revolver ~ Gun Review

Model Smith and Wesson? Hard question to answer without more to go on but I’ve been shooting with it for over 10 years and am for the most part very happy with it. I’m shooting it as it came out of the box originally except for adding tritium dots on the rear sights. The action is smooth in single-action mode but pretty stiff in double-action 9. I don’t fire it much in DA.

Smith & Wesson embarked on its leadership position in handgun manufacturing with patents dating back to the s. Our Smith & Wesson PD pistol is a Commander configuration, featuring a super strong alloy frame.

One Gun Many variations Throughout the years, the Dan Wesson series of revolvers has retained a loyal, and dedicated following. This despite the rising and falling tides of the company, the difficulty of supply, and uncertainty over parts, and some years of rather uneven quality. Through it all, these have retained their popularity, because they remain the most versatile, accurate revolvers made. Innovation, and versatility have become the hallmark of the Dan Wesson company.

I have, over the years, owned a number of these ground breaking revolvers. In an era in which the cutting edge of handgun development is assumed to be well centered within the realm of the automatic pistol, Dan Wesson saw a future in innovation of the revolver. The most striking feature of the gun is the capability of changing barrel length, by the use of an ingenious system of interchangeable barrels and shrouds.

While there are other unique qualities to the Dan Wesson series, the fame of the system rests on the barrels. Even so, many if not most, Dan Wesson owners stick to a single barrel length, and often can not even recall the location of the tool used to change the barrel. In many cases it is the great accuracy, and light trigger pull which attracts buyers.

These are some of the most accurate handguns in the world, and may very well be the most accurate repeating handguns ever made. They have also been constructed with very light, very simple actions, and the interchangeable barrel feature, for which they are best known. It doesn’t hurt that the guns are very handsome, since the redesign.

Smith and Wesson Date Code

Classic revolvers that feature blued finish, 4″ heavy barrel, and square butt frame. Grips are either rubber or wood and may have customizations. Gunsmith Specials must be checked and certified safe before firing, by a certified competent gunsmith. Sold as is, no returns, no refunds, and no exchanges.

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The ejector rod is free-standing, without the under-barrel latch of later models The lockwork of the first model differed substantially from subsequent versions. The trigger return spring is a flat leaf rather than the coil spring-powered slide used in variations dating from onwards. With this order, the Hand Ejector Model became known as the. Barrel lengths were 4-, 5-, 6-, and 6.

This one left the factory in and was sent with ten others to a firm in Buenos Aires. The hammer was added later and is in the general form of the King Gun Shop modification usually intended for the timed and rapid fire portions of the NRA course. The lock mechanism remained principally unchanged after this model. It would also become very popular with civilian shooters, with several new models being made, including the first snubnosed 2-, 2.

It is noteworthy that early Victory Models did not always have the V prefix. Most Victory Models sent to Britain were fitted with 4-inch or 5-inch barrels, although a few early versions had 6-inch barrels. The Victory Model was a standard-issue sidearm for United States Navy and Marine Corps aircrews, and was also used by security guards at factories and defense installations throughout the United States during the war.

Smith and Wesson Serial Number Date of Manufacture

Wesson II teamed up with Karl R. In the spirit of wanting to produce all-American firearms of high quality for both military and competition use, Daniel Wesson promptly began an advertising campaign while Karl Lewis began designing a producing prototypes for various gun shows. The base of their operations was in a former school building in Monson, Massachusets and from there Dan Wesson Arms Inc.

The Smith & Wesson Model 15 is a classic model that is manufactured on the medium sized K-Frame design. It was originally known as the K Combat Masterpiece, an offshoot of the original model dating back to , and changed to Model 15 in

There is just something special about a company or a person really doing what they do best and delivering a remarkable performance or product. Smith and Wesson made their claim to fame with revolvers and, as exemplified in the , they can nail it so well that it leaves you wondering who would even try to compete. The L-Comp wheel gun is representative of the cumulative experience of revolver makers dating back well over years.

Coming in at approximately 40oz with rubber grips installed and a cylinder full of. In keeping with the mixture of classic and modern, the pistol has an adjustable rear sight and a tritium lamp in the front ramp. The sights align naturally and are easy to adjust. The bluing is very even and has hints of purple and blue iridescence. The grips supplied on the gun are a very attractive dark rosewood, however a set of rubber grips are shipped alongside them.

I fired the pistol with the rosewood grips and found that they were a bit too small for my hands, so I swapped them for the rubber ones. I tested three loads from Hornady in this pistol. Each load performed well and displayed very good accuracy and consistent velocity over the Oehler 35P chronograph. Yes, you heard that right.

Smith and Wesson Ks

Posts 31 Thanks uhlawpup and will5a1 for the link and great info, I really appreciate it. I know the history from about to today, which I should write down and keep it with the pistol. I think I’ll have a gunsmith check it out, and if everything looks fine, I’ll get a box of ammo and shoot it with my Dad, then put it back away. The old girl’s timing and lockup seem perfect, but I’d rather be safe than sorry.

Smith & Wesson contacted their agent, M.W. Robinson, to ask his assistance in selling the completed revolvers and the nearly completed revolvers still in production. We have finished about 2, of the Russian Army pistols, all of which have been accepted by them and stamped with their stamp and we have perhaps more to be finished.

Curtis A site devoted to research for an upcoming book. If you have information to contribute, please use our survey form! We have a 23 minute video of the Otteman Collection , which shows an overview of the Model 2 Army. Attempting a research project, making a study, or merely observing is both a rewarding and a frustrating experience. It is rewarding due to the new findings, the substantiating and documenting of theories, and the clarifying of known data.

It also gives us an opportunity to share experiences and make new friends. The frustration is in the difficulty of securing enough data to make positive conclusions. The observations made here are not the final work on the Model 2 Army.

Smith and Wesson Ks

Smith and Wesson New Model No. It is nickeled and in excellent condition. Serial number xx also has a large number “76” on butt. This gun also only has the one patent date on the right side of barrel.

Today, Smith & Wesson is mostly known for revolvers and their growing line of M&P pistols. Despite the rapidly growing popularity of these polymer-framed striker fired semi-auto pistols, there’s also a lot of buzz around the former metal-framed S&W pistols that were discontinued a few years ago.

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Smith & Wesson

With this order, the Hand Ejector Model became known as the. Barrel lengths were 4, 5, 6, and 6. Heat treatment of cylinders began in

I can say that the Smith and Wesson model started having a N prefix to the serial number in These model were made until ,when the model .

This product review was made possible by GunsForSale. A revolver in medium weight that has excellent handling, fires a powerful cartridge with wonderful accuracy. Jordan was a famed Border Patrol agent and a genuine gunfighter down on the Mexican border. Armed confrontations were commonplace back in those days so if any one knew what type of revolver was needed for police officers it was Bill Jordan. Sure there was the model 10 and the newer but the 19 was the preferred revolver of the bunch.

After much experimenting with various steels a blend capable of handling the pressures involved was created. He has a model 19 in the cover picture. The first were sold in and renamed the model With the exception of a few very large police departments most officers of the time had to purchase their own duty revolvers. The Border Patrol was one agency that provided duty weapons and the model 19 was standard issue for many years.

This adaptation solved the problem with the forcing cone and top strap issues. The model 19 in these photos is my personal gun. This particular example is a that dates it between and Even after all these years of use and carry the finish still looks good.

Shooting the Smith and Wesson I

So, what to carry? But we are talking about Black Bear county. And some predators are two-legged. My current collection includes handguns chambered in 9mm,.

smith and wesson 5 shot revolver patent numbers from on top of barrel. NICKEL FINISH MOSTLY GONE BUT IN FIRING CONDITION. DOES NOT SAY WHAT CALIBER, BUT LOOKS LIKE 32 .

Chicoine In , the U. The delivery to Springfield Armory of the blued and nickel-plated revolvers took place in Army in contracts starting in Largely due to the efforts and inventiveness of a U. The Schofield alterations turned the Model No. Introduced in , the. Army in , with a scant 35 revolvers made for civilian sale.

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Alas, all are now only available with 4-inch barrels—short barrel versions can be found on the used market. While all K-frame revolvers were once available in blue, nickel, or stainless steel finishes, only the Model 10 is blued—the other three are stainless steel. The K-frame has a lot going for it. Ergo Grip for the J-Frame Not everyone needs a semi-automatic pistol for defense or recreation.

To become truly competent with a semi-automatic pistol takes more range time than most folks can afford. Let me tell you a dirty little secret.

Get dating smith and wesson j frame revolvers hard porn dating smith and wesson j frame revolvers videos an download it.

It was designed with a 1. Short for International Rapid Fire competition. Stoeger’s Shooter’s Bible of 1. Air Force for basic marksmanship training. The pistol lacked the checkering, polished blue finish, and other refinements of the Model 4. It proved to be a commercial failure with consumers who preferred the more costly Model 4. Model 41 – serial numbers and dates. I have a 7 inch Model 41 with the serial number A Manufacture Year by Serial Number.

The precise shipping date as ‘lettered’ can be several years off depending on model. Answer a few questions to find the right products for you.

PSA: Check Your Serial Numbers!