I have a site [url removed, login to view] that takes an extremely long time to load because of the theme and maybe some other optimization 1. This file [url removed, login to view] 19 seconds to load. While this file is loading, other files are blocked from being loaded. I am recommending that this is being caused by the socialengine theme in general My host recommends optimizing the site by enhancing this theme other than possibly either upgrading to the newest version of this product. Here is how to test the site load time [url removed, login to view] 2. Update some of the fields and remove some of the fields for Rate this Booty and Dating Horror Stories. Both rate this booty and dating horror stories must have unique titles and descriptions that pull when the page is loaded as well. Make sure the featured member widget deleted members after 30 days. Currently there are some profiles on that are over 30 days old and need to be deleted.

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In the earlier days, a script specifically for dating was enough. But now days I would advice that if you are starting a dating or social network website, stay away from ‘dating only’ scripts. Because as your website grows, you will need to add features and believe me it will end up costing you an arm and a leg.

However you have to watch out, many of them have become very greedy, and border on the line of being scam artists. Many of them sell you a script, then you have to pay extra for removal of ‘their name branding’. It may cost you twice or thrice the amount you paid to just remove their name brand.

If you need to develop new function/plugin/theme or a brand new website please contact us to get reasonable quotes. community website, dating website, forum, chating, answer question website, etc using socialEngine, phpbb, vbulletin, xenforo, question2answer, phpfox If you need to build a brand new social network, please contact us to.

Video about asp net dating software nulled: Arka, dating website templates, dating software and learn asp. Download hundreds of the industry today. The top end dating scripts retail for a few hundred dollars, though there are some cheaper alternatives available too. Online dating script for developing a license will find love and contrast. Scott hanselman on this dating software architect and full source code of open source code of niche.

About 30 websites of oxwall at TopAlternate

Social software SocialEngine Description SocialEngine is a software suite that allows creation of customizable online communities. It is sold in two flavours: SocialEngine PHP is a PHP-based white-label social networking service platform, that provides features similar to a social network on a user’s website. There is a range of templates and add-ons available to extend the basic features already included in the SocialEngine core.

SocialEngine Cloud is a software as a service SaaS , hosted version that facilitates interest graphs or communities of people with similar interests. The new cloud-based service lets anyone create a community website, including discussion communities similar to the microsharing style of Reddit, the photo curation style of Pinterest or activity stream style of Facebook depending on the theme.

SocialEngine is a feature-rich white label social networking application built to support almost any concept. The stable platform is designed to give you the flexibility to .

I need a SocialEngine and php expert. You must have experience with the SocialEngine script and the addon’s plugins that are available. I am starting from the beginning and have nothing. Then we will customize the look so that it is unique. You will install and adjust plugins, like the ‘FB news feed, friends inviter’, ‘FB feed stories publisher’ ‘People you may know’, and ActivityPoints and others shown below.

It is really important that the ‘Find Friends’ and ”People you may know’ section works like the most popular socialnet. This might need to be adjusted to work like you-know-who. ActityPoints addon or other addons might need to be modified so that they are compatible with each other. It is important that members are able to get points for adding any new members who signup from their invitation from the Friends Inviter and Contact Importer addons listed above.

You will be responsible to make certain that everything works, and that all plugins are compatible with each other. You will also install and lightly customize a skin to my specification.


Unlike other products, however, SocialEngine is uniquely designed to support almost any social networking concept you might have. This means that you won’t end up with cookie-cutter results. Instead of throwing in as many end-user features as we could, we focused on building a stable, customizable platform upon which you can implement your own unique features and ideas. Of course, we’ve included all of the staples that end-users have come to expect: Blogs, albums, groups, messages, and everything else you see listed below.

To avoid bombarding your users with an overkill of information, we’ve kept these as simple as possible and made them easy for you to modify with fully commented code and HTML templates.

DatingPro Mobile: Meet Your SoulCompanion is powered by PG Dating Pro, the Best Dating Software Provider at iDate Awards FEATURES DatingPro Mobile: Meet Your SoulCompanion is a tool that helps people sign in on the site directly from their mobile : 0.

Loaded with video chat, recorder, video player, forums, groups, events, video messenger, mailbox, desktop app, video sharing, photo sharing, iPhone app and much more. Build your own business or advance your hobby with Dolphin! Create your own kick-ass community site! You’re limited only by your imagination – not by software.

Dolphin Smart Community Builder is a universal, free, open source software that allows you to build any kind of online community. Online dating software, social networking software and an advanced CMS – all in one, all finely tuned. Create dating sites, social networks, video sharing portals – you name it. Dolphin includes all the features of dating scripts and adds more. You just build the site of your dreams and deploy it instantly with the ease and elegance that only Dolphin can provide.

Dolphin provides simple yet sophisticated tools to build your own community site, but you can go further with the power of open source and a large, helpful and active community with over 50, members – BoonEx Unity. When it comes to features, nothing comes close to Dolphin. You can go further by adding Extensions from 3rd party providers available at BoonEx Unity. Prime – the best solution money can buy The Prime package is now updated, with an even smarter combination of 3 unlimited Dolphin licenses, rebranding rights for Mobile Apps, Premium Membership at BoonEx Unity and even more.

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Dating site similar to badoo messenger en – Los beneficios para la salud de montar en bicicleta: Posted on am by admin. Join our community and make friends in your area. Badoo – chat, fn and meet with over million people. In Badoo, you are able to.

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Coinsaround Ever thought of building your own social networking website for college, organization or something like Facebook? If yes, then this article is for you. Even if you know nothing about coding, you can still get your social networking site up and running. Great ones know what to rewrite and reuse. As of today, there are quite a good number of social networking platforms — commercial, cloud-based and open source.

We will see the list of available platforms and will pick the best one for building our own. Best platforms to build social networking site: Elgg Elgg is an award-winning social networking engine — completely open source, PHP based and very powerful. SocialEngine SocialEngine is commercial and very powerful. Available as cloud or self-hosted solution. We will probably not look at this.

Ning Commercial but cheaper than SocialEngine.

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It works perfect now after a minor fix by the great support team By mohammad, January 08, This plugin is working great now after a minor fix by the osclass team and should be considered one of the best so far. All its features are working fine. I appreciate the great job done by the team. By Anibal Duardo, September 06, I bought this plugin in replacement for a facebook connect plugin, because this one is stop working, and social connect offers much more My problem is, that this plugin don’t contemplate compatibility with facebook connect, so, they don’t manage users already registered over this old plugin.

After several mails with support, I can’t get any solution.

Apr 12,  · SocialEngine PHP p4 Critical Security Release 2 weeks ago SkaDate Dating Software» SkaDate Dating Software | Runs a Feature Story About SkaDate OnePage Parallax Theme by ThemeForest 1 year ago 6 .

Facebook 85 The best websites today are powered by easy to use content management systems CMS that allow you to make changes to a website without needing to touch a single line of code. WordPress, Joomla and Drupal all offer great features, tons of customizaions, ease-of-use, and strong security. Oh yeah, all three are also free. Read our in-depth review to find out.

Easy to Install — Many web hosting companies like Bluehost offer instant, automated WordPress installs in their hosting environment. That means you can get a brand new website up-and-running in less than five minutes! It takes longer to go brew a cup of coffee than it does to have new WordPress website online. Customizable — WordPress has significantly more plug-ins, themes and other customizations available than any other CMS.

Free— WordPress is absolutely, no-strings-attached free to use. And building on the last point, there are easily tens of thousands of free plug-ins and themes available to choose from. This is perfect for most beginners putting together their first site because it keeps costs down. Community Support — If you do experience issues or have questions about your new WordPress site, you can easily tap into the millions of people already using and supporting it.


With Channelize, will my community members need to download a separate chat app, or will it will be integrated within my existing Mobile Apps? Unlike Facebook Messenger, your users will not need a separate app for messaging. What is the interface of Channelize like? Channelize has a modern messaging interface that is synonymous with the best messaging and chatting experiences. In the website, messaging is available in easily accessible, attractive chat window that allows multiple chats simultaneously, and in the mobile apps too the messaging tabs are perfectly located.

The negative stigma attached to online dating and making friends is long gone, and it’s time to give it a shot. With online dating, you always have dozens of dates at your fingertips.

Print Print I have been searching for some of the best php scripts both free and paid ones to create a social network in my website. The following are some of the nice php scripts, which i believe are instant turnkey solutions to create a social network with your site. The list would really help if you are in a hurry looking to create a social network website with rapid deployment. The code is open giving you complete control and freedom to code your own extensions and applications.

It has a friendly web interface layout which can be easily tweaked for your website layout and the source code is available without encryption. It is commercial and can be purchased for less than bucks. It has nice visual look with a professional interface. It has custom member profiles, and supports plugins and themes for seamless integration. PG Community Pro Powerful social networking and community software powered by good administration backend.

It has plenty of features and add-on tools which comes pre-integrated with the software. It is commercial script. Elgg Most powerful social networking engine for social applications ideal for schools, universities and business websites. It is FREE software. Buddypress Out of box social networking solution based on WordPress for businesses, schools and other community sites.

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If you desire to have your own social networking site, below are some of the top social network website builders you could use to build your own social networks without you doing any coding. Elgg Elgg is an award-winning open source social networking engine that provides a robust framework on which to build all kinds of social environments, from a campus wide social network for your university, school or college or an internal collaborative platform for your organization through to a brand-building communications tool for your company and its clients.

Everything from the core code, to the documentation, themes and plugin extensions are all built by the BuddyPress community.

Our assignment newspaper pay a range of themes. Not only must you to address lots of of written text, a more activity in it self, but in addition, you need to be certain the written text that you proofread is % totally free of problems.

Introduction This guide will help you through the installation process and get CometChat running on your site. Installation is very straight forward, only taking about 5 minutes from uploading the files to viewing the CometChat bar on your site. You do not need programming knowledge to install CometChat, but a working knowledge of FTP functions is a plus. This guide assumes that you have successfully downloaded the latest release of CometChat and have the zip file unzipped and ready to go.

The instructions will term the zip file you downloaded as cometchat. Uploading At this point, you should have the zip archive cometchat. If the installation was completed successfully, then two code snippets will be displayed on your screen. The first code is for docked themes like Glass, Hangout, Facebook etc. Please copy the appropriate lines of code depending on whether you wish to use docked themes or embedded theme. Also the page may display a list of files and folders which may require additional permissions.

Step 2 Now edit your template header.

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