July has finally come. The rain now often visits Seoul as if Zeus himself had dropped all of his powers to produce the most comforting rains on a pleasant Saturday morning, like a hot cup of tea. The temperature drops at the break of dawn, making a person cling onto their thick duvets for dear life to chase the warmth they desire. Mornings suddenly turned slow and lazy inside your cozy home. Outside of your comfort zone, the city was busy and alive. People are rushing to chase their bus to work, cars are continuously honking at the stressful traffic jam, while some are still half asleep; in desperate need for coffee in their system to function properly to survive the day. The city was the color of black and white with all the boring workaholics dressed in suits and pencil skirts roaming around, and the constant routines of society that tricks them into thinking they have created progress to raise the economy. The gloomy skies had matched the atmosphere of the dull city. But your home was the color of warm hues of autumn on a summer day. You shifted your body on the bed, turning around to face your sleeping boyfriend.

Chen Are You Dating APINK BOMI

Min Yoongi x Reader Genre: Angst, Fluff, Romance, Swearing? It all started with a typical kid friendship.

El drama nos cuenta la historia de dos hombres que siempre han querido viajar al espacio, los cuales intentan conseguir ser elegidos para un proyecto de astronautas en un momento cuando la energía de la Tierra se ha agotado.

Lay requests once again for his own personal studio from SM. Let’s stand on one stage once again when the opportunity comes! I support your decision as your hyung, I bless you. Lay reps added, “He will not be leaving EXO and will be complying with the duration of his contract. He will also be working towards the advancement of his own company. Only Lay fans were left to shield him.

His personal profits will also not be divided with the other members and as a solo agency, he will not be working his schedule around SM. As he has not left the group yet, he does not have a reason to be criticized. I cannot terminate my contract. Complying with the terms, right? My actions are creating open change to the company of SM for all Chinese artists. If everyone terminated their contracts, then SM would never work with another Chinese again.

Talks of all these scandals will block an effective way of communication with Korea and China.

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Sorry for the wait! I kind of like Xiumin. Either I start blushing or he starts rubbing his neck awkwardly. But onto another subject, we were at the airport right now, flying back to Korea. I was beyond tired because I had only 45 minutes of sleep. My head was pounding and only got worse when the giant crowd of fans were screaming and shoving around to get a glimpse of their boys.

Both of them trimmed down their waistlines. Being in the entertainment industry, their looks really matter. It is the same with Xiumin, who looks fit at present, as per Chatt Sports Net. He shared his dieting technique to his fans. The band member starves himself between meals by not taking any snacks. With their trimmer looks, not all fans are satisfied.

They express concern that their abrupt weight loss might trigger health problems. However, they still pledge their support no matter what. It was for sure the result of his intense adherence to his diet. Well, the changes are now obvious and he lost those unwanted baby fats. He revealed that his other secrets are diligence, positivity and efforts to reach his desired look.

The same with the EXO vocalist. Many are closely observing his face recently.

Tudo sobre Chen do EXO!

Before and after debut Some facts says Baekhyun and Sehun baths together. But HunHan also baths together Kris went on tumblr before. Lay aspires to become a musical talent like Henry Luhan: ExoAid During a fan signing event, a fan gave SeHun a slip of paper. The paper has three options.

I always worry about him, I am afraid that someone might hurt his feeling. Frighteningly taken Up to Eleven with fans in South Korea and China, so much that the members are often injured by the groping, wind up with scratches and cuts, etc. The use of makeup of more outlandish makeup was more common in the group during their debut era, but they’ve mellowed out since then. Kai once slept for 20 hours straight, without waking up.

Xiumin is good at maths, and was in his school’s SKY class gifted class in high school. He is currently studying for his PhD. In their early years, under the ‘ Happy Virus ‘ image, Chanyeol always seems to be goofy and happy.


When EXO gets a new female manager and Xiumin develops a crush: When he stays home to take care of a sick you: Going food shopping with Junmyeon: When Yixing tries to show off to his wife and son but things end up being bad for him: When a spill sets off an argument: Getting into a fight with Baekhyun and he does something special to apologize:

All he could do was sit there beside his wife and try to block out her screams. He tried to say small words of encouragement but nothing would come out. He was a mixture or nervousness, excitement, and worry. His wife who had been trying to keep calm by looking at her emotionless husband was finally calmed down by the small action. Hours later both Xiumin and his wife would be holding their first child and son.

Suho Originally posted by wooyoung Suho would be sitting beside his wife flashing her a thumbs up every time she looked at him or said anything to him.

EXO: everything~

You smiled in anticipation for the day ahead, curious as to who your hosts would be for the day. You washed and got dressed heading for the Exo host club. You pushed open the door to the club and sat on the sofa waiting for the first host of the day.

Introduction 8 Set alle ore He is also the oldest member among the group. When Xiumin gets caught on the camera with a woman she often is a job partner in dramas, web series, or MVs. In his six year old career he has never been caught with in any relationship with anybody. Ex Girlfriend No information could be found about his past relationships as well.

However, he did disclose in an interview he reveled what type of girl he likes. The singer said that he likes a woman who is huggable and one who can comfort others. Being the oldest member of EXO he sometimes needs to be mature enough to handle other members behavior.

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Seeing as Xiumin was away from home attending some EXO business you decided to invite your best friend over for a catch up, even though you had seen each other two days ago. Being with your best friend always lead to the same thing…fancams of EXO concerts, mainly Kai, Lay, Suho and Xiumin in Playboy and Exodus, since…you know…abs and hip thrust are a weakness of both you and your best friend.

One hour later and a six-pack of beer each you had ended up on a compilation of Kai sex faces during concerts.

Thanks so much for your request, and thanks, I love my theme too, haha! In the end, though, Chen usually resorts to team work, resulting in duets, delicious rice, and poor D. O drenched in water, vowing revenge on the two of you. He would play with your hair a lot, and in return you would play with his. This usually ended up with your hair braided on one side, and backcombed on the other, and his hair slick with gel and combed into perfect, symmetrical curtains, which was quickly messed up as he rolled around the floor laughing when you looked in the mirror at your own hair.

He would stumble in, greeting you with a kiss on the cheek, then dropping onto the couch, only rising when you announce that dinner is ready. Expect a LOT of selcas.

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Sorry it takes me so long to post but here it is!! Tao X Xiumin Smut After that: Lay X Reader Smut Enjoy! You were a fairly known translator of the area in Beijing, knowing Chinese, Japanese, Korean and your native language English, perfectly. And you did not only outstand others with your abilities in the Asian languages but taking in account your Caucasian looks, people were even more enchanted with you.

Surprisingly enough, SM entertainment hired you to be one of their official translators.

Admin A almost never writes a big scenario and this is the reaction she gets when she does?? HERE is the link in case you missed it. But thank you to everyone who has already read it and those of you who are going to read it. Please show Admin A some love. For some reason it randomly popped into my head, but I can’t find it anywhere anymore.

This one deals with addiction. It might be a good one to skip if this triggers you any. Addiction can be lots of things. Someone might be addicted to sex, or drugs, or gambling.

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A post shared by BaekHyun. Their relationship had been speculated on after seeing the couple post pictures donning pair headphones, sunglasses and bracelets. In addition, there were frequent sightings of the couple being spotted together, most likely on dates.

Angst, some fluff at the end Summary: When he returns, he still sees you as more than just his makeup artist. This was originally an imagine written for Admin Yasmin. Her voice brought me back to reality and I gave her a small yet awkward smile. I looked up to see her nodding thoughtfully. I was addicted to the way he made me feel.

Everyone knows not to date someone you work with, and I did just that. I nodded and cringed slightly at the memory. I decided to forget about it for now and start setting up for when the boys got here. I slowly stood up from my chair and started cleaning my make-up brushes and organizing all of my eyeshadow palettes.

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