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The reverse—putting old stem cells into a dish filled with osteopontin— appeared to rejuvenate them. The thing is, the gap between a bit of primary research and a clinically effective drug is huge—especially in the anti-aging arena. Several years ago, scientists and the public alike were excited to learn that when an old mouse and a young mouse were surgically joined so that they shared a circulatory system, the old mouse showed many signs of growing young again. The secret to prolonging life, it seemed, was in youthful blood. What it comes down to is that no one knows what it is about young blood that causes the rejuvenation effect—or whether blood is even the most important part of the equation. Last year, a team of researchers at the Salk Institute genetically engineered mice so that they bore extra copies of genes known be able to turn back the biological clock on adult cells, transforming them into something resembling embryonic cells. By controlling the expression of these genes, the researchers were able to get the mice to live 30 percent longer than they normally would.

Protein Hints at a Fountain of Youth in Blood

Augustine was its Fountain of Youth. Legend has it that Spanish conquistador Juan Ponce de Leon swashbuckled ashore in looking for gold. Reporting back to King Ferdinand empty-handed, he swore he’d located the mythical Fountain of Youth. The perpetually spouting mineral spring still draws the hopeful here. I swigged bottle after bottle of the elixir, sold at the wonderfully vintage, yoga-serene Fountain of Youth Archeological Park.

Augustine I found youth of another kind.

The Fountain of Youth is a spring that supposedly restores the youth of anyone who drinks or bathes in its waters. Tales of such a fountain have been recounted across the world for thousands of years, appearing in writings by Herodotus (5th century BC).

It took me over 30 years to find the ultimate fountain of youth, health, and happiness. I’m here to share it all, so you don’t have to waste your best years searching. You might venture down there for the authentic tasty food and to get a glimpse of the vibrant visuals of the Chinese New Year. Most of the times you don’t even interact with the people except when you place an order at your favorite dim sum joint.

I simply worship the Chinese I’m a big believer of Oriental medicine, acupuncture, acupressure, cupping, reflexology and Chinese herbs. Sure, I love to visit my primary care doctor in Soho, run into familiar faces, feeling like a million bucks, sitting under the Basquiat paintings in the waiting room, but a after a week of no real improvement, weakness and side effects from the medications, I always end up in Chinatown, at my 80 year old Chinese doctor Ng Lei Ying’s small hole in a wall back room covered in needles.

The Chinese look at the physical, emotional and spiritual make-up of the body as a “Mini-Universe”. All things work together and in unison. Acupuncture is one of the oldest medical treatments dating back to China, 3, years ago. The practice, then and now, involves the gentle placement of hair-thin sterile needles in varying lengths into specific areas of the body.

Each of these meridians is connected to a specific organ in the body. In a state of illness, it is believed that one or more pathways is blocked, disrupting the flow of energy.

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Where gentlemen of a certain age would historically step out with a hot young thing , women have decidedly gotten in on the game, wrapping their well-manicured fingers around the arm of a gorgeous young guy. Whether youre a young thing considering an age upgrade or a sophisticated single looking to tap into the Fountain of Youth, the rules of engagement are still basically the same: Hunt Where They Gather Many May-December romances start out like any other, with people meeting socially through friends or going about their daily lives.

However, if youre specifically looking to meet someone of a certain age, there are some rather easy solutions. Guys looking to meet attractive older women can usually find them at the hottest brunch spot in town or at wine bars with their girlfriends. Ladies looking to catch a silver fox can usually locate them in the best steakhouse in town or high-quality pubs during a sporting match.

The Fountain of Youth Archaeological Park in St. Augustine has become a popular tourist destination, where visitors can drink cups of water from the fabled spring. The park has seen various important archeological finds, such as an ancient cemetery and the ruins .

Early accounts[ edit ] Herodotus mentions a fountain containing a special kind of water in the land of the Macrobians , which gives the Macrobians their exceptional longevity. The Ichthyophagid then in their turn questioned the king concerning the term of life, and diet of his people, and were told that most of them lived to be a hundred and twenty years old, while some even went beyond that age—they ate boiled flesh, and had for their drink nothing but milk.

When the Ichthyophagi showed wonder at the number of the years, he led them to a fountain, wherein when they had washed, they found their flesh all glossy and sleek, as if they had bathed in oil- and a scent came from the spring like that of violets. The water was so weak, they said, that nothing would float in it, neither wood, nor any lighter substance, but all went to the bottom. If the account of this fountain be true, it would be their constant use of the water from it which makes them so long-lived.

The servant in that story is in turn derived from Middle Eastern legends of Al-Khidr , a sage who appears also in the Qur’an. Arabic and Aljamiado versions of the Alexander Romance were very popular in Spain during and after the period of Moorish rule , and would have been known to the explorers who journeyed to America. These earlier accounts inspired the popular medieval fantasy The Travels of Sir John Mandeville , which also mentions the Fountain of Youth as located at the foot of a mountain outside Polombe modern Kollam [2] in India.

The people in the pool are youthful and naked, and after a while they leave it, and are shown fashionably dressed enjoying a courtly party, sometimes including a meal. There are countless indirect sources for the tale as well. Eternal youth is a gift frequently sought in myth and legend, and stories of things such as the philosopher’s stone , universal panaceas , and the elixir of life are common throughout Eurasia and elsewhere. The Caribbean islanders described a mythical land of Beimeni or Beniny whence Bimini , a land of wealth and prosperity, which became conflated with the fountain legend.

By the time of Ponce de Leon, the land was thought to be located northwest towards the Bahamas called la Vieja during the Ponce expedition. The natives were probably referring to the area occupied by the Maya.


It has been discovered that greater percentage of the reasons why marriages are collapsing and there is high divorce rate in our generation is as a result of faulty courtship period. Marriage is an institution established by God, in the book of Genesis God said it is not good for the man to be alone. The bible says, therefore, shall a man live his father and mother and shall cleave to his wife. The two then become one, what a mystery!

Adam was not a boy, he had a job, had an accommodation the garden of course! So in marriage a man finds his wife within the will of God , the bible says whoso finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord.

Is marriage really the fountain of youth? Well, for more than years, researchers around the world have found that married people, both men and women, live longer than singles.

To me, the name does the scent a huge disservice. Add that the main note detected in the dry-down is incense, and naturally we have a divisive fragrance. For this lover of drugstore oldies, I think it’s a cozy and elegant scent. This gem deserves a sultry name like Opium or Tabu! My skin seems to “eat” fragrance, so I do not experience the cloying sillage monster that others seem to get. I am in my 20s and do not think this scent is at all inappropriate for me.

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Foreigners first coming to Pyongyang get amazed by the greatness of the cityscape with its fascinating public buildings and gigantic monuments. Pyongyang map Pyongyang has a long history. In AC it was mentioned as a capital of Koguryo Kingdom – the biggest and the most powerful state out of the three ancient Korean kingdoms Silla, Paekche, and Koguryo. In August Korea was liberated from Japanese colonial rule by Soviet and US troops who divided Korea roughly in half along 38th parallel.

Now that I am in my 60s, I think I have found one key to the fountain of youth: learning. I love learning. Maybe it’s because I kind of missed it the first go ’round.

Click this drop down menu Click here , for live links, if drop down menu doesn’ workt Nearly common health issues will drop down, offering links to medical research articles to help you and your loved ones learn how Tai Chi or Qigong can help “high blood pressure,” “ADHD,” “depression,” “chronic pain,” “type 2 diabetes,” “heart disease,” “arthritis,” etc. See “red highlight” below. Or turn off your browser’s “pop up” blocker Harvard researcher and best-selling author of “The Relaxation Response,” Dr.

Also, be sure to view the amazing testimonials video in the column to your right, a moving video of how Tai Chi has profoundly changed people’s lives. Medicare covered SilverSneakers Program. It is increasingly apparent that U.

Fountain of Youth

Question For Latin Cupid Our secret agent “Why would these young, pretty girls give out their phones numbers so easily? For some it is a life long goal. They are not very picky about age, height or race but want a better life where they can see and do things they never could otherwise.

Named after the rejuvenating and near mythical effects of our hot mineral water, the Fountain of Youth Spa continues to be a favorite destination of travelers, adventurers, and leisure-seeking souls from all .

Misa Fountain of Youth and a fail manicure Monday, August 26, Today I have a bit of a fail manicure for you guys I thought that I wouldn’t even post this, but then again I thought that I had gone through the trouble of making this, I should at least post it. So here it is This might not look like a total failure, but I didn’t enjoy this mani at all!

I think it went wrong from the beginning to the end First off, Misa Fountain of Youth is a really gorgeous polish, but it’s totally not suitable to my skintone. Also, I thought that adding I Love Nail Polish So Ghoul would make me like this mani more and hide a bit the fact that the Misa didn’t suit me, but I didn’t like the combo of the two polishes.

Adding those dragon water decals didn’t help either as they are not also my type of thing at all, but I thought since this wasn’t really my type of manicure from the beginning, I might as well add them too. Oh well, it can’t go right every time, right?! I also took some pictures of Fountain of Youth alone as it is really soooo pretty and so that you can see the awesome shimmer it has!

I bought Fountain of Youth because I have Genie In This Bottle from the same collection and it’s one of my favourite polishes of all time, so I thought I should try another polish from the same collection as all the polishes have the same type of shimmer in them. But like I said, I didn’t like how this looked on me and it didn’t really suit my skin tone, at least in real life it just looked wrong

Launching Longevity: Funding the Fountain of Youth