Tweet Much like how the Coffee Mug Pipe telescopes down to become what looks to be just a regular travel coffee mug, the Roll-Uh-Bowl is a water bong that’s made from silicone that you can fold down to practically nothing for easy smoking on-the-go. Perfect for adventurers or outdoor enthusiasts who might like to indulge themselves with a little toke of something nice every now and again, the portable fold-up bong is not only easy to transport, but it’s practically indestructible, as you can bend it, drop it, and even step on it without it breaking. Which is much different than if you were to haul a giant glass bong out into the wilderness with you. Aptly named the Roll-Uh-Bowl, which even though it’s a bong, I suppose it makes sense , the indestructible water bong is perfect for camping, hiking, fishing, snowboarding, music festivals, parties, or really anywhere that you don’t want to bring your expensive glass bong that will most likely break quite easily where you’re going. The portable bong folds down to just the size of your palm so it’s super easy to haul around anywhere, as you could simply throw it in your pocket, purse, or backpack. Plus you won’t need to worry about your mother finding out about you buying a bong, as the creators use discreet shipping, much like if you’re buying porn or sex toys online, which is what a guy I know told me Check out the portable silicone water bong in action via the video below.


Someone with a hit has the opportunity to make a passion project or God forbid, a solo album. In this case, the hit that paved the way for Time Traveling Bong is Broad City, the wildly successful comedy about two young women navigating New York while smoking copious quantities of bud. Time Traveling Bong comes from three of the primary creative talents behind the show: When we meet her she has straight hair, is deeply sexually frustrated and lives in thrall to a piggish, married cop boyfriend who is literally introduced wearing an All Lives Matter T-shirt.

Sep 11,  · a bong. His weapon of choice is a fucking BONG. Wielding a bong like a baseball bat, he dodges a flying recycling bin and chases the amateur robbers out of the store entirely.

It would save us from a lot of heartbreak and drama. Wrong can also save us from further heartbreak and drama — if we choose to take the lessons he taught us. Here are 10 crucial lessons you learn from dating the wrong guy: When you waste a lot of time with the wrong guy, you learn to value your time in the future and only give it to those who deserve it. More often than not, your intuition tells you if this guy is going to be serious about you or not, and sometimes you just choose to neglect it waiting for a surprise or a change of heart.

You can always tell if a guy is being truthful to you and if he has the right intentions. The wrong guy teaches you how to listen to your gut. No one is busy all the time. When a guy keeps telling you he is busy— he is lying. Even the busiest of guys will make time for a woman they are really into. The wrong guy teaches you what you can and cannot tolerate.

The difference between circumstances and excuses.

Time Traveling Bong: Doctor Who for the 4/20 generation

Happy that he can relax now that the culprit is caught, he starts reminiscing about the first time he and Bong-soon met at the police station. Heh, saving the day sure is tiring. Still, Min-hyuk smiles and pats his sleeping beauty, chuckling as more snores fill the car.

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Share 14k shares ‘The guy came round with this joint and I took a puff, and [dart player Bobby George] took a puff then we got on with this painting. I thought, ‘Oh well this a terrible painting and I don’t know what to do with it’. I made it into an alien in the end. It wasn’t a cactus at all. Pam looked slightly apprehensive as a new friend passed her the bong She told The Sun newspaper: I passed it on to Bobby and within five to ten minutes me and Bobby were virtually on the floor laughing it was so funny.

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Jim June 13, Marni I am sorry if I have taken to much space in your blog? Mae and I had a soulmate love affair! We had a couple drinks to celebrate then I carried Mae to bed.

Find out which character from the Korean Drama Strong Woman Do Bong Soon is Your Soulmate.

Former drug dealer and recovering addict Christopher Gunning volunteered teaching youngsters kung fu at China Spirit in Wirral. But he ambushed Christopher Heywood after arguing with his friend of 15 years at their shared home in Hothfield Road, Wallasey. After slashing him nine times, he smashed a glass cannabis bong over his head and the victim ran into the street covered in blood. High Court judge Mr Justice Robin Spencer today jailed Gunning for 12 years, after he was found guilty of attempted murder.

Read More Man charged with attempted murder after meat cleaver found near Wallasey attack victim He said: Christopher Gunning, 38, of Hothfield Road, Wallasey, was found guilty of attempted murder and jailed for 12 years Image: Handout They pushed and shoved each other and year-old Gunning told roofer Mr Heywood to leave, but he refused and went to his room.

The court heard Gunning was battered by armed men in when dealing cannabis and as a result kept the cleaver under his bed. He thought he had been hit with a baseball bat and ended up on his hands and knees begging for mercy until the attack finally ended. He was taken to hospital and treated for a gaping wound to his left forearm, plus cuts to his throat, forehead, head, right thigh and back.

Read More Warning that far-right extremist groups are active in Liverpool right now Mr Pickavance said police went to the house at around 1. Gunning arrived and said he was handing himself in, before officers recovered the bloodstained meat cleaver in the back garden. Like us on Facebook.

CRIME WRAP: Have you seen hoons

Blair Naso was destined to be a god of the Manosphere, but instead he gave up his swan song and died. However, you can still read his blog’s archives and buy his poetry books. Here at Return of Kings we realize that we have a lot of female readers. On rare occasions, we offer them our world-class advice, considering that the masculine and the feminine are innately linked together.

You cannot raise or lower one without doing the same to the other. Therefore, it is in our best interest for you ladies to be the best you that you can be.

Gingerdead Man returns from his exile in Bong World, but the Candy Wizard has granted him a terrible wish! To make matters even worse, the evil Synthia has returned with her VHS Misfits, a group of cyborgs compiled from Gingerdead Man’s previous victims!

Yeon Woo-jin as Gong Gi-tae A year-old successful plastic surgeon with an abrasive personality. Gi-tae enjoys solitude too much to settle down, much to the dismay of his parents. As an employee at a luxury brand shop, she is surrounded by luxury products, but has none of her own. Although her age and socio-economic class make her an unattractive bride in the “marriage market,” Jang-mi still wants to find the right man to marry, because her greatest fear is being alone.

Though playful and sweet, Yeo-reum’s painful past his mother abandoned him as a child makes him push away anyone who gets too close. But he finds himself falling for Jang-mi. After their break-up, Se-ah’s convinced that women including herself can do without men. In order to get pregnant, she begins to blackmail Gi-tae into giving her his sperm.

Hoon-dong once dated Jang-mi but broke her heart and even accused her of being a stalker. But when she gets over him, he regrets his actions and begins pursuing her again. Hyun-hee develops real feelings for Hoon-dong after their one-night stand.

10 Reasons Why You Should Date A Bong Guy

She has her own share of heartache though, and it has nothing to do with either of her men: Today is a story about family, and how sometimes they can understand you the least, but hurt you the most. The romantic moment is abruptly broken by Romeo, who buckles over in agony when Juliet mistakenly steps on his toe.

Mar 06,  · Strong Woman Do Bong-soon: Episode 4 by CandidClown. Thankfully, we’re starting to get a stronger dose of the light and fluffy instead the dark and creepy.

Lifestyle Jan 8, When it comes to romance, the Bong man is a stellar success. Some love him ardently and some scoff at his many idiosyncrasies. But when it comes to the romance, the Bong man is a stellar success. He is chivalrous, considerate, caring and is never aggressive with his dame. So when it comes to romance, a line here and there quoted from Jibanananda or Rabindranath is par for him. He is also the rare classically trained male who is in tune even in the bathroom.

A Bong boy will say more with his eyes over a glass of scotch than most men say over an entire night of lovemaking. Soumitra in Apur Sangshar. On a shopping spree you might suddenly be treated to the history of Coco Chanel or in the middle of dinner he might start explaining the meaning of different types of steaks. He always has a dada or kaka who has done the exact thing you are talking about.

The Bengali man knows how to tackle a woman in her shrew avatar. The Bengali couple shopping.

13 Reasons You Should Marry A Bong Guy

Gravity bongs work by submerging a small bottle with a bowl of cannabis on top in a larger bottle or bucket of water. While lighting the cannabis, slowly draw the bottle out of the water to fill with smoke from the burning cannabis. The Leafly Bong Experiment: Do gravity bongs get you higher?

The internet has its pitchforks out after a new mother shared a disturbing image of herself breastfeeding and smoking from a bong simultaneously.

You do something else Clean your room. Go for a beer with a buddy. Nietzsche, Einstein, Feynman, Picasso, Hemingway. You text her something, then you wait. You fucking wait, you impatient troll. Stop being so damn needy. So chicks are weird and flaky. Most hot women have men orbiting on standby, dicks in hand. Text for a reply, nothing more. Yesterday I met a girl on the street.

50 Reasons to date a Bong Boy

South Korea Plot Set at a famous high school for the super-wealthy, this is a puppy love story centered on a poor girl and the F4 gang of rich kids headed by the rough and fearless Jun-pyo Koo. Geum Jan-Di Hye-seon Ku is a girl from a poor family but has an unrivaled sense of optimism and drive and is by chance admitted to a prestigious private high school. There she meets the infamous group of four astonishingly good looking and rich boys who are known as F4.

Their love story moves from Seoul to New Caledonia to Macau.

Nov 10,  · the only way i can see a bong being a waste of weed is if it makes you want to smoke more often because of how fun it is. if you are discerning, and you pack a .

Law and order A coroner has raised concerns more must be done to protect people from internet dating scams after a lonely bachelor killed himself following being fleeced of thousands of pounds by fraudsters posing as potential girlfriends. Ian Doney, 51, sent money and paid for flights after believing he had met one girlfriend online and she was travelling to the UK.

After he spent all day waiting fruitlessly at the airport, he went on to give more money for medical bills because he was told her visit had been prevented by an accident. The shopworker from Grimsby in Lincolnshire was so desperate for happiness he resorted to starving himself so he could afford to meet the incessant demands of his online “partners”. An inquest on Friday heard Mr Doney was unable to separate fact from fiction and even changed his Facebook status to in a relationship.

He was sectioned under the Mental Health Act after repeatedly trying to take his own life which a coroner said stemmed “from these really unfortunate relationships with fraudsters”. He was finally found dead at his home and died penniless.

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