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Jan 04,  · Nazriya Nazim (born 20 December ) is an Indian film actress who has starred in Malayalam and Tamil films. She used to be a TV show anchor before pursuing a career as an actress/5(83).

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Nazriya Nazim iam ur fan of Tamil nadu ur big fan ur cute girl jagadhish, India on You are so cute nazriya darling, especially your expression.

In this special article we take a look at some of the Love Birds from our industry. After several months of Hide and Seek, The couple finally broke the silence with her public confession in their respective twitter accounts. However the couple did make contrasting statements regarding their date of Marriage. STR said that He “Would be marrying Hansika with the consent of his parents and start over a new life in by marrying and leading a martial life like his Thala Ajith and Shalini”.

However Hansika Motwani said that “Work is her prime focus at the moment and marriage can wait. She confidently added that Wedding wasn’t on the cards for the next 5 years”. Well this Couple may have not confessed their relationship but there are just so many give away signs. Siddarth did admit that “This is the happiest I’ve been all my life. So, you catch me in the best season of my life and I really love it.

Suddenly, I feel like God is smiling a lot on me again I hope he or she keeps this going for sometime.

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Nazriya Nazim, Nivin Pauly and Dulquer Salman are cousins. They individually took a different paths after reaching Bangalore, to fulfill their dreams. Final Word A perfect youth entertainer.

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Thirumanam Ennum Nikka stars Jai and Nazriya film is said to makes you laugh as well as think, a decent laugh riot with the right blend of romance and music.

And amongst this series many celebrity get name and fame that explore the heart and mind of millions of viewers with their unique and brilliant performances. Amongst this race south indian beauty is always admired by the audiences. She is one of the girl, who was the celebrity from childhood itself and with the passage of time she climbed the ladder of success with her number fantastic worked movies such as Oru Naal Varum, Pramani, etc.

He further also proved her existence as anchor in Malayalam channels quiz program that explored with her ability to attract the audience as well as also makes the anchoring stage appear delightful for year after years. With the passage of time, she got opportunity to work with different world reputed channels such as Asianet, Kairali, Asianet Plus, etc.

Moreover, in last 10 years, this commerce graduate girl worked as VJ.

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