Lakhawar fair is a village fair, held during the months of September- October. Kalsi It is about 5 kms. It is preserved by National Archaeological Department. Chakrata Situated at a distance of 92 Kms. Chakrata is known for its serene environ and sylvan charm. One can find accommodation in the forest rest house.

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Etymology[ edit ] Dehradun is made up of two words: Around this time, the modern city of Dehradun started to develop. This is when the word Dehra was linked to Dun, and thus the city was named Dehradun. In ancient India during the Mahabharata epic era, Dronacharya the great teacher of Kauravas and Pandavas , lived here hence the name, “Dronanagari” lit. It is believed that after the battle between Ravana and Lord Rama , Lord Rama and his brother Lakshmana visited this site.

After receiving a request for a post about how much it costs to travel in India from a reader of my Facebook Fan Page, I decided that such a post was a great here we go India is commonly known as one of the least expensive destinations for travelers, especially for budget travelers.

City Hill Station At a distance of 33 km from Mussoorie, km from Chandigarh, km from Delhi, km from Ambala, km from Shimla and km from Nainital, Dehradun is the capital city of Uttarakhand and also the headquarters of Dehradun district. Dehradun is located in Doon Valley in the foothills of Himalayas nestled between two of India’s mightiest rivers – the Ganges on the east and the Yamuna on the west. It is one of the wellknown destinations to experience the Tourism in Uttarakhand and also one of the popular tourist places near Delhi.

The history of Dehradun city is linked to the stories of Ramayana and Mahabharata. It is believed that after the battle with Ravana, Lord Rama and his brother Laxmana visited this site. Dronacharya, the legendary Royal guru to the Kauravas and Pandavas, is believed to have been born and resided in this region. Haridwar Pilgrimage At a distance of 26 km from Rishikesh, 54 km from Dehradun, 86 km from Mussoorie, km from Chandigarh and km from Delhi, Haridwar or Hardwar is an ancient religious city in the Haridwar district of Uttarakhand.

Haridwar is one of the best tourist Places to visit in Uttarakhand apart from being a popular pilgrimage site in India and also one of the well known tourist places near Delhi. Haridwar is another popular attraction not to miss in a Uttarakhand tour package.

Uttarakhand Tourism Development Board

Places near Haridwar Places near Haridwar If you are travelling to Haridwar, we recommend you visiting the following nearby places which can be visited as a day trip from Haridwar. Include these nearby places in your itinerary and make your visit to Haridwar more memorable. It covers a part of over three districts of Uttarakhand:

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It is bounded by lesser Himalayan Foot Hills to the north-east; the shivalik Hills to the south-west; the Yamuna river to the nort-west and the Ganges river to the south-east. Dehradun is a very old city. Legend has it that, Guru Dronacharaya considered it a place fit for meditation and worship. His son Ashwasthama was born here. Poanta Sahib, where Guru Govind Singhji stayed is 45 kms. Historically, Dehradun has always been an important centre.

Once the strong hold of the Garhwal rulers it was captured by the British. The Battle of Nallapani was fought between Gen. It has Rashtrapati Ashiyana on Rajpur Road. Forest Research Institute Set in the sylvan surroundings of Doon Valley, the Forest Research Institute is a proud testimony to the foresight and vision of foresters and administrators of long ago.

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GrabOn Blog GrabOn Blog In spite of the fact that India is undergoing a population explosion, there are some places where you can hardly find any companion. Would you believe if I tell you there are still some places that are if not completely untouched, but still remain a secret for many? Daringabdi in Odisha is one such place that witnesses heavy snowfall every year!!

List of top 10 best hill stations in India for honeymoon and holidays. Know about these most beautiful hill stations and adventure activities what you can enjoy there.

But for the most part, at least in my experience, most Indian Embassies and Consulates will issue tourist visas. Of course, given that this is India we are talking about, getting a visa is often not the most straightforward of processes. There are usually several types of visas available 3-month, 6-month and for US Citizens only, a 5-year and year tourist visa and they usually cost different amounts depending on your nationality.

Also, if you are a citizen of the USA, Canada, UK or Australia, and you are applying for an Indian visa while in your home country, you must apply for that visa through the official visa outsourcing company that the local Indian Embassy or Consulate has contracted with. But again, prices differ for all nationalities.

Second, for most nationalities these days, once you leave India, you cannot return for two months. Even if you have a 6-month tourist visa, and your visa is still valid, you still cannot come back to India once you leave until two months have passed. The only exceptions are if you are traveling to Nepal or Sri Lanka.

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Top 50 Tourist Places in India

But do you know that Uttarakhand also boasts a rich history? It was also a trading hub as many merchants used to trade salt with Tibet. Chand and Katyuri, the two cardinal dynasties of that period contributed immensely to the history of Uttarakhand.

Top 50 Tourist Places in India India is among the most diverse countries in world that is home to seas, oceans, hills, valleys and historical attractions. There are pilgrimage sites, honeymoon locales and picturesque beaches.

Pin Shares Dehradun can undoubtedly be regarded as one of the most celebrated destinations for the love birds. The mountainous valley cordially invites the couples to spend some of their golden days in the lap of nature. Couples of different age groups invariably respond to this call and rush to explore the place of scenic beauty and create some memories to be cherished forever. Love can be felt and lovers can be found in the lanes and by-lanes of Dehradun. Still, there are some of the spots in Dehradun which mesmerize the lovers and thus are prescribed to be the hotspots for the couples.

Though some of the places have given into the hands of commercialisation, still there are many sites that suffice the couples’ desire. Mussoorie Road The thoroughfare that connects Dehradun with Mussoorie, attracts the blooming lovers mostly. The school couples can be seen pervading the entire pathway with their hearts fulfilled with budding love. The Maggie Points also give delight to the young lovers by serving palatable hot and spicy maggie.

Historical Places Of Uttarakhand

October 06, October 07, The campaign also calls out unscientific practices such as the practice of feeding newborns honey or curd or water. Visually, there are running themes: The team has also designed illustrated placards on anaemia for adolescent girls. The next campaign, they say, will be on the importance of hand hygiene and menstrual hygiene.

Dehradun is a city with full of beautiful and amazing places, and the independent Dehradun escorts are the perfect example of those things, Dehradun is situated in the south part of India and people come here for jobs and for the further studies and some visitors also come here for making themselves relax and they become speechless to see the.

Dehradun business listing lets you have a peek at the kind of opportunities that exists in this place. The old historic place is still glittering and new sparkle of growth and vibrancy. In the last few years Dehradun business has witnessed a surge of a commercial and information technology boom. Dehradun Business Opportunities Real Estate – It is a booming sector and even when many others cities in India saw a slowdown, property in Dehradun sold like hot cakes.

Residential plots, holiday homes, villas, multi-storey apartments, industrial buildings are in high demand in the city. If the picturesque environment helps in selling residential apartments, the Government’s open policies are helping in attracting industries to the town. Tourism -Situated between two of the most religious and popular Indian rivers Ganga and Yamuna, Dehradun is one of the most visited destinations in India.

Tourism accounts for a substantial share of Dehradun business.

Top 10 Tourist Places to Visit Near Dehradun